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Funny > Wednesday, June-04-2014

Honest Trailers - Game of Thrones

Funny > Sunday, July-29-2012

Russian Woman Trying to Park Her Car

You thought you've seen enough women who can't park a car? Wait until you see this lady who can easily win a medal for her effort. And no, no one got hurt in the process .. although the car is not very happy. :doh:

Funny > Friday, January-06-2012

Backstreet Boys - Guys vs. Cartoon

Do you remember the Backstreet Boys? Well, certainly not like this.

Funny > Friday, August-05-2011

Funny static dog

Animals sure can be funny. The recipe is quite simple: one fluffy dog, one blankets and lots of fun. :D

Funny > Wednesday, April-13-2011

Real boxing cat

Who said cats don't know how to box? Here's the proof they can, and very well in fact.

Funny > Monday, February-21-2011

Where did they go?

Hey, old man, did you see where my friends went?

Funny > Thursday, December-30-2010

ATM in Africa

In case you ever wondered if you can find an ATM in Africa ... sure you can, here is how it works! :D

Funny > Thursday, December-30-2010

And So You Code

Here's a song for all your coders out there.

Funny > Friday, December-10-2010

Fun in the snow

Winter really is the best season .. here's an example of what you can do with a shovel and some innocent folks who want to cross a park. :D

Funny > Thursday, December-09-2010

Best moments in football

Here are some of the best moments in football over the last few years. After all, everyone likes sports, especially football, so what can be better than to watch some of the most memorable events from the field?

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