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Why would you want to see this? No idea, but you might enjoy it.

Weird > Friday, January-03-2020

Overloading corn bin explosion

Weird > Saturday, May-05-2012

DIY How to make a hamburger in Japan

Did you ever wonder what kind of sick stuff you can buy in Japan? Well, here's one: DIY make-your-hamburger-at-home pack. Seriously .. someone actually invented this thing. :wall:

Weird > Monday, February-21-2011

Fireworks Fail

Here's the ouch video of the day ... it's a nice show though.

Weird > Sunday, April-04-2010

Train pushed by men

Here's something you can only see in Romania: a train pushed by men. Really.

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Weird > Sunday, March-14-2010

Fake Egg China Eggs

It seems that the Chinese have found out a way how to make fake eggs! I hope they don't plan on actually selling them though. :-/

Weird > Tuesday, February-23-2010

Never invite this guy to your wedding

Some guys don't know how to dance, but this drunk dude is pathetic to say the least .. or maybe he didn't have sex in ages :D

Weird > Thursday, December-31-2009

Crowded Vietnamese Intersection

If you think traffic is heavy in your country take a look at this video from a Vietnamese intersection. :o

Weird > Wednesday, November-11-2009

The proof that The Sims is actually a horror movie

The Sims - a nice and cute video game, eh? Don't be so sure ... the truth is out there! :D

Weird > Wednesday, October-21-2009

Worst X Factor contestant ever

His name is Fouad Djaoublia and for some strange reason he thinks he can sing ... you get a prize if you can understand anything from him. :D

Weird > Sunday, October-11-2009

Zombie vs Shark

Here's one really dumb scene from one of the dumbest movies ever made: Zombie Flesh Eaters - Zombie Vs. Shark.

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