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Cool > Tuesday, February-24-2009

WoW Intervention

Your friends are concerned about how much you play World of Warcraft! Erm, or how much time you spend outside WoW.

Cool > Tuesday, February-24-2009

Real life Top Cat

Cats can learn some pretty amazing tricks, including this one: to sit on someone's head for a few hours. No, really. :o

Cool > Wednesday, February-18-2009

Cool computer book animation

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Cool > Wednesday, February-18-2009

A Dalmatian On A Tricycle

Here's another thing you can only see in Japan: a Dalmation dog riding a tricycle. No, really. :doh:

Cool > Friday, February-13-2009

Skater Pulls Off Risky Stunt

It sure isn't easy to pull off a stunt like this when your life is pretty much at stake, but I bet it feels good when you get it right.

Cool > Thursday, February-12-2009

Cat box fight

What's a cat to do with so much time on its paws? Well, how about some boxing? Yup, it seems to work. :D

Cool > Wednesday, February-11-2009

The snuggly sloth

Who can resist a deadly dose of cuteness? Well, for all you animals lovers here's a sweet snuggly sloth. Awwwwww.

Cool > Tuesday, February-10-2009

Roomba Cat Driver

If you ever wondered how useful a Roomba is ... here's your answer: it's very useful if you have a cat.

Cool > Tuesday, February-10-2009

On The Planet Earth

Her name is Danielle and she's trying to prove that you don't need anything fancy to impress people. All you need is a small guitar and a ... hawk feather. And a very beautiful voice.

Cool > Monday, February-09-2009

Amazing Driven Facial Animation

You might have noticed how character face animations became more and more complex in both games This unique technology developed by Image Metrics. Here's a little demo for all of you to drool at.

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