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Cool > Friday, February-06-2009

Snow Ramp Jump ... Fail

Nothing makes you laugh easier than a guy jumping from a snow ramp ... and failing miserably. Trust me, you'll enjoy the full 4 seconds. :D

Cool > Sunday, February-01-2009

Cat Adopts Rabbit

Would the men please look away now - it's a video about a cat adopting a teeny-weeny baby rabbit. Awwwww.

Cool > Sunday, February-01-2009

Expert slingshot marksman

It sure isn't easy to hit stuff with a slingshot, but once you get the hang of it .. well, it's a skill not many people have. And it really is amazing to see someone doing this right.

Cool > Thursday, January-29-2009

The amazing lyre bird

The Lyre bird is one unique creature that can be found only in Australia. She's might look quite ordinary, but she's a very clever bird. She can mimic any sound: from camera shutters to falling trees and even a chainsaw! Just watch it and be amazed. :o

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Cool > Thursday, January-29-2009

Airtraffic over the day

Did you ever wonder how air traffic looks like from space over a day? Here's a cool map for you to enjoy. It's quite awesome really. :cool:

Cool > Wednesday, January-28-2009

The proof cats are evil

You still don't know cats are evil? Well, check out this video where a bored cat annoys the sleeping owner all night long.

Cool > Tuesday, January-27-2009

Hula Hooping Expert at Work

Everyone loves hula hooping, but when you see an expert at work ... it's hard not to be impressed. Or at least drool. :clap:

Cool > Monday, January-26-2009

The most useless cat ever

When you think about cats you expect them to attack or at least chase rats ... but this one is actually friend with a rat family. They play together, they groom each other ... ok, now that's weird.

Cool > Sunday, January-25-2009

Cutest Puppy Noise Ever

You know what time it is? Oh yeah, it's cuteness overloaded time! Here's the real kitty world domination plan! And that's the first spy we managed to catch! Do not get fooled by the cute sounds, he's eeeeeeevil! :D

Cool > Friday, January-23-2009

Tank engine powered motorcycle

You thought a V8 motorcycle is crazy? Wait until you see this Russian monster powered by a .. tank engine. Yup, those folks are even crazier than Americans!

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