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You HAVE to see this!

Cool > Monday, January-19-2009

Really bored cat

And now for the awwwwwwwwwwwww video of the day: one really really bored kitty.

Cool > Tuesday, January-13-2009

Doom played on TI-83 calculator

Just how cool can it be to play .. dum dum dum .. Doom on a hand-held calculator? Very! Well, it's no ordinary calculator, it's the all mighty TI-83, but still.

Cool > Tuesday, January-13-2009

Will Smith Sings Men in Black Live

If you needed a proof that Will Smith really is a cool guy, here it is. He doesn't have any problem to sing Men in Black with a white guy. And he's doing a really nice job too!

Cool > Sunday, January-11-2009

This dog really likes snow

Some dogs hate snow, some like it .. but this one is pretty much a reindeer in disguise!

Cool > Tuesday, January-06-2009

Huge catfish catch

It seems some of those crazy fish stories are actually true after all ..

Cool > Saturday, December-27-2008

Kid gets airborne

Fat kids seem to be quite useful when you need to get someone high in the air ..

Cool > Sunday, December-21-2008


ABC3D really is a piece of artwork. Just take a look .. and buy it from Amazon if you like it.

Cool > Tuesday, December-09-2008

Hero dog pulls another dog from oncoming traffic

In a world where it's harder and harder to find a hero it seems animals still do what's right. This hero dog pulled a fellow hurt dog away from the oncoming traffic saving its life. Now that's a real hero!

Cool > Sunday, December-07-2008

Cat + Roomba = Love

Who said roombas don't need a driver? I think all of them should come equipped with a cat driver! :D

Cool > Monday, December-01-2008

The Most Lucky Guy on The Price is Right

This has to be the most lucky guy I've ever seen in my entire life. Really, just watch how many things he managed to won on The Price is Right. :o

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