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Midget Michael Jackson

Just watch this midget Michael Jackson impersonator at Grand Central Station NY. Now that's what I call a good show! :clap:

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Comments for Midget Michael Jackson

michael jackson is the best!!!!!!!!!! wow

dear midget michael
you are not as good as the real michael jackson i am terribly sorry that you do not understand this but we are head over heels for michael he is truley amazing he is the most succesful and talented person there ever was i know that this might hurt your feelings midget michael but we are only telling you the truth there is only one michael jackson and you shouldn't copy him because it's not fair he is his own person and he is truley the best we love him xxxx
xXx Keep It Up Michael Jackson Woop xXx
posted by cliona and katrina at Monday, May-18-2009 09:33am

Nice Job

Great moves.. I enjoyed it alot.. Don't Listen to fools that don't enjoy your entertainment----> !!!! They just sad because they don't got your moves.. Keep up the good work.

Aloha, Jester808
Hawaii Got Luv
posted by jester at Tuesday, August-11-2009 05:21am

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