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The Most Stupid Blonde Ever

Ok, I've seen lots of stupid blondes, but this one is simply priceless. She wanted to know if she's smarter than a 5th grader. Let's just say she should have tried with kindergarten ...

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Comments for The Most Stupid Blonde Ever


Trasa de par :P Butule :)
posted by Guest at Monday, December-03-2007 02:48am


omg dumbass lol
posted by Guest at Sunday, January-13-2008 05:46am


lol :wall:
posted by Guest at Monday, January-28-2008 20:53pm


FUkin mongo man hahahahahahaahah
posted by Craig at Sunday, February-17-2008 23:04pm


that's ex-american idol kelly pickler lolz..
posted by Guest at Monday, February-18-2008 03:39am


all people this stupid need to be shot :wall:
posted by ohlawd at Tuesday, February-19-2008 05:34am

and the worst part is:

she probably votes
posted by forrest at Thursday, February-21-2008 18:14pm


She has to be an actor playing a dumb blond. Bad ratings call for desperate measures.
posted by Deathnutz at Monday, February-25-2008 20:45pm


I think she is so cute
posted by Guest at Wednesday, March-19-2008 06:39am


:red: estou um bocado tímida :D mas isto passa,agora, acheimuito divertido :clap:
posted by cristiana at Saturday, March-22-2008 20:38pm


i f***ed her brains out
posted by Guest at Monday, August-04-2008 16:19pm

bloody blonde americans...cant get much worse than that

she is a disgrace to the human race...and should have been shot at birth :wall: :doh:
posted by Joz at Sunday, January-18-2009 21:36pm


definitely put it in her a$$
posted by Guest at Friday, April-10-2009 20:26pm


sooo obviously an actor. "is france a country" yeah great acting.
posted by obviously at Friday, April-10-2009 21:38pm


It's Kelly Pickler you morons. :roll:
posted by nope at Friday, April-10-2009 23:24pm

I love

posted by Kelly Pickler at Saturday, April-11-2009 00:49am


Who's Kelly Pickler?
'Cos if that's her, she's hot.
Even if that ain't her, she's still hot.

I love the way they say what. It's like H-whut! So awesome.
Is awesome a country? I think they speak french there.
posted by whut at Saturday, April-11-2009 09:03am



Natural selection better hurry up and cave her head in or something.
posted by Toas at Saturday, April-11-2009 15:18pm


wow... what a stupid woman. heard of turkey, and you don't know if france is a country? what the flying f***?!?
posted by folar at Sunday, April-12-2009 02:01am


looks like an average american to me
posted by klesus at Sunday, April-12-2009 21:08pm


Woaaahhh how dump.... :doh:
posted by Andreas at Sunday, April-12-2009 21:13pm

How sad..

Just another stupid person showing off a stereotype and making it harder and harder for the smart ones to be recognized..

I don't think she should be killed, but maybe a few rights (such as the one to vote) should be taken away from people like that..

posted by An unconventional American citizen at Sunday, April-12-2009 21:20pm


she isn't smart but she definitely has other talents,,,,
posted by mark at Sunday, April-12-2009 21:41pm


She is actually pretty smart for an American
posted by The Woo at Sunday, April-12-2009 22:10pm


Proof that Americans are f***ing idiots
posted by Dark Chaos at Monday, April-13-2009 00:42am


Well, just so we're all clear not all Americans are like that. The show actually scripts a lot of this for ratings so it's not as bad as it's made out to be.
posted by Deletham at Monday, April-13-2009 00:56am

Oh Kelly

oh kelly pickler. this is pathetic. how does she get dressed in the morning? :wall:
posted by Anna at Monday, April-13-2009 01:43am

Absolutely Wonderful

I'm not entirely convinced that France is a country myself. :)
posted by ClusterOfCephalopods at Monday, April-13-2009 12:37pm

uh oh

Too bad she's so dumb, cuz she's mighty tasty
posted by Mike at Monday, April-13-2009 19:57pm


The sad thing is that teenagers everywhere are striving to be as smart as this one.
posted by Quibbley at Tuesday, April-14-2009 16:28pm


Stumbled this...

But BTW I'm a Hungarian!
posted by Underyx at Tuesday, April-14-2009 16:29pm


i hope she knows how to suck a fat one..... otherwise she's 100% useless.... :wall:
posted by BIG D at Friday, April-17-2009 07:23am

France sucks

France isnt really a country anyway.
posted by england at Friday, April-17-2009 23:36pm


That kid is loving it.

She is pretty, I'll give her that.
posted by Rachel at Saturday, April-18-2009 03:08am


What a turn off. Nothing is sexier than a woman with a brain.
posted by jason at Sunday, April-19-2009 20:41pm


speaking on an evolutionary basis, she shouldnt be allowed to breed :wall:
posted by anonomous at Sunday, April-19-2009 21:04pm


She's only there because her parent's insurance wouldn't cover an abortion...
posted by meimei at Sunday, April-19-2009 23:35pm


wow, people like that should be removed from the gene pool
posted by Guest at Sunday, April-19-2009 23:49pm


I am tired of everyone's condescending bulls***. It doesn't matter if she is acting or not, it's just completely dicking on blondes. There are smart blondes. This woman isn't necessarily stupid, she is just ignorant. What is equally ignorant, is saying "she should be removed from the gene pool". All of you people have serious inferiority complexes if you want to make fun of her so bad. f*** all of you, you aren't better than her. :|
posted by Gabriel at Monday, April-20-2009 10:31am

Well now...

I'm American, let's get that one out there. To be bigoted towards us because of what you see on TV would be the same as being bigoted towards the UK for Monty Python. Most (if not all) of us don't believe that there is a ministry for silly walking, so it's just ignorant to believe that all Americans are this dumb. Now, having said that, she is a dumb woman, who needs to be swiftly removed from the mortal coil. Anyway, my point is this: Don't believe everything you see on TV. And try to remember that every country has some seriously f***ing dumb people to represent them from time to time.
posted by Jon at Tuesday, April-21-2009 03:17am

yes but

you all judge this poor blonde woman and call her names etc. but i'm betting that there's no straight man in the world that would kick her out of bed. With one look she could destroy a marriage cos the man won't be able to keep his eyes off her and I'm also betting that you spotty losers are gonna be fantasizing about her tonight. So you're all a bunch of hypocrites. She wins. Case closed.
posted by steven harland at Tuesday, April-21-2009 12:20pm

and to jon who says "Well now..."

Clearly there are dumb people in the world but the world agrees with me when I say that Americans really are the stupidest nation on earth. And to prove it I have 2 words: George Bush. You guys voted for this monkey TWICE!! So give the blondes a break and go read a book. The repost.
posted by steven harland at Tuesday, April-21-2009 12:23pm

This makes me sad...

This stupid woman is the reason every other country in the world hates us. I'm American, I'm smart, and I'm totally ashamed that the educational systems allows people to fail so miserably in this country. It's like saying, "well, she's got her looks going for her, and a pretty singing voice, let's just pass her..she can get by on other attributes." BTW, I didn't vote for Bush in either election. That man is a train wreck from the South, kind of like Kelly Pickler.
posted by Rah at Tuesday, April-21-2009 14:16pm

Stupid and uneducated are not the same thing.

This is a perfect example of the results achieved by the American education system particularly in the southern states. There is nothing taught about things outside the U.S. as to a large percentage of Americans nothing outside the U.S. matters.
A friend from Kentucky once told me that the United Kingdom was made up of England, Britain and Scotchland.
posted by EvilGod at Wednesday, April-22-2009 00:05am


As far as I''m concerned. Europe is FAGGOTY
posted by Mcru at Wednesday, April-22-2009 00:31am


and anyone who uses the word "faggot" in their reply secretly IS gay. or they're 12 years old and should be in bed.

and username FRANCE has just proved the point to EVERYONE that most americans really are indeed so very, pathetically and totally stupid.

get back in your trailer and stop using the internet! it isn't meant for you!
posted by steven harland at Wednesday, April-22-2009 14:39pm


she isn't smart but she definitely has other talents,,,,"

like S-ing a fat d
posted by anonymous at Wednesday, April-22-2009 17:07pm


posted by anonymous at Wednesday, April-22-2009 18:36pm


ok i didn't know the answer but omg what a dumb ass. that was very very funny!
posted by Evie at Wednesday, April-22-2009 19:25pm


Plz. Don't blame Americans. I see vids of people in different countries doing stupid stuff all the time, I don't go "oh wow EVERYBODY THERE MUST BE STUPID." Seriously, I go to a site to watch a funny video and a bunch of people are criticizing Americans for being stupid? So people voted for George Bush. He stole the election and didn't win the popular vote, and if you don't know that YOU'RE the ones who are idiots for not reading up on this stuff before you talk about things you don't know about.
posted by holly at Wednesday, April-22-2009 20:31pm


Haha, wow. Yeah she's kind of pretty, but anyone who made a sexual comment about her must be desperate as hell.

And people insulting America obviously don't know many Americans.
posted by anonymous at Wednesday, April-22-2009 20:51pm


"He tried to trick me"

Well lets face it, it doesn't take much.

She gives the average American a bad name. We don't think you're all like this, honestly! :D
posted by Jimbob at Tuesday, April-28-2009 19:29pm


oh my god i want to shoot her

wow... this reminds me of that miss universe thing about teaching americans geography... THIS IS WHY EDUCATION NEEDS AN IMPROVEMENT

my son is in 1st grade in australia and he knew that

he also knew france was a country in which they speak french
posted by d-man at Wednesday, April-29-2009 06:22am


how did woman get on the show?????? :doh:
posted by Frank at Wednesday, April-29-2009 22:55pm


This is Kelli Pickler from American Idol and she is that dumb.
posted by Blonde at Saturday, May-02-2009 02:36am


I'm ashamed that I have to share a species with her.
posted by Gay furry at Sunday, May-03-2009 03:38am

from her hometown

i am sad to say I am from the same town as this dumb blond, I assure you its no act. Half the town is just as dumb as she is. Albemarle, NC
posted by from pickler's hometown at Tuesday, May-05-2009 23:03pm

Oh no.....

I can't even bring myself to comment, is Europe a country!!? :wall: I could cry because of the stupidity!!! :cry:
posted by Beck at Thursday, May-07-2009 14:58pm


this is what i think of when i think of americans :D
posted by anon at Thursday, May-07-2009 15:06pm


Is she former contestant of American Idol,kellie pickler????
posted by urpo at Tuesday, May-12-2009 10:33am


There's nothing worse than a hot, stupid, woman.
She easily insults the intelligent beauties out there.
Yes, I believe there are a few.
Anyhow, go back to the holler Kelly, we're tired of your moronic responses. :hand:
posted by BigAl at Tuesday, June-09-2009 15:42pm


holly s*** that was funnier than the time i got stuck in the laundry shoot, please dont ask
posted by not-a-pirate at Tuesday, June-09-2009 18:29pm


This kind of vast knowledge is common in Texas.
posted by Anonymoose at Saturday, June-13-2009 23:55pm


She's acting stupid because people give you attention when you act like that. I've met so many people who do this.
posted by The Arabic Student at Monday, June-15-2009 00:25am


And they ask why it is a national sport for europeans to bash americans :wall:
posted by Annonymous at Monday, June-22-2009 17:20pm

dont be mean to her..

shes kinda cute
posted by juan carlos at Tuesday, June-23-2009 05:15am


blonde AND american... she didn't stand a chance... :doh:
posted by Philippe at Tuesday, June-23-2009 05:31am


its funny...'ive heard of turkey that is classic'!!!
posted by Guest at Tuesday, June-23-2009 08:04am

Ignorance is bliss

And the thick c*** asking the questions doesn't even know it's HungAry, not HUNGRY dickhead!
posted by Harry Barracuda at Tuesday, June-23-2009 09:10am


Hungry??? Dumbass presenter. At least the woman admits she's uneducated.
posted by Maggie at Tuesday, June-23-2009 18:18pm

blondes are dumb

As a Hungarian this is pretty insulting,..what a total moron.
posted by mn at Saturday, July-04-2009 16:58pm


she is dumb.......but very cute :cool:
posted by Guest at Sunday, July-05-2009 02:18am


i would still f*** the s*** out of this woman
posted by me at Monday, July-06-2009 04:32am

75 percent era like her

no wonder she is from the usa
posted by waterman at Monday, July-13-2009 18:43pm


ha see the thing is the girls that are blonde and ditsy purposley make themselves look and sound dumb because they think its cute and it will make guys like them. and others are just plain stupid but the whole idea of dumb blondes is dumb because ive seen some pretty dumbass brunettes. im a very intellegent girl and im just as blonde so dont be quick to judge because some people seem to think that blondes have a brain disorder and that is far from the truth its all an act that blondes do to make them sound cute for some stupid reason. so to all of you brunnetes shut the f*** up and quit acting like you are the smarteset people ever cause all that s*** is a myth
posted by nikki at Thursday, July-23-2009 07:46am


so much much god damn fail....she should be shot
posted by croft at Thursday, August-06-2009 03:49am


I hate watching people like her. I'm a literal blonde without all the stereotypes, but seeing things like this makes me so sick I wonder if I can legally enact (sp?) a genocide. She needs to be shot, along with the host (for being a sexist son of a bitch), and many MANY others. Stupidity will probably kill them first without my help, though.
posted by Itakru at Monday, August-31-2009 00:21am

srry about that

Yea listen guys this girls actually my fault, l gave it to her pretty hard last night so yea her head kept slamming into my headboard and so anyways, srry about it. but hey !! shes still hot, whats better than a dumb girl ?!? :) :) :)
posted by Meow at Saturday, November-14-2009 21:47pm

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