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Why would you want to see this? No idea, but you might enjoy it.

Weird > Thursday, December-13-2007

Adam Sandler's Worst Movie Ever

You might think Adam Sandler featured in many awful movies, but guess what: the worst hasn't even been launched yet.
A Mossad agent fakes his death so he can re-emerge in New York City as a hair stylist.
Ok, just how lame can that be? Very lame. You Don't Mess with the Zohan (yeah, the name is just as lame) is due for 6th of June 2008. Oh joy.

Weird > Sunday, December-09-2007

Incredible disabled break dancer

Some might think being a disabled person would stop you from doing everything is cool in life, but as you can see from this video it doesn't even stop you from ... dreakdancing.

Weird > Saturday, December-08-2007

Loser finds out about dating services

Here's yet another proof that there are many creepy folks out there ... and what's even more disturbing is the fact that many found out about dating services. You might think everyone deserves a fair chance? Just watch this guy.

Weird > Friday, November-30-2007

World Record: Most eggs held in one hand

I've got no idea why someone would want to beat the record at most eggs held in one hand, but guess what: someone actually beat that record .. whatever the previous record was (oh, it was 11). This dude, held not less than 15 eggs in his hand.

Weird > Friday, November-23-2007

Naturally Juicy

It's quite hard to describe a video with furry animals dancing on latino music, drinking orange juice and doing some kinky moves. But fear not, it really is the wtf video of the day. Pretty catchy too.

Weird > Tuesday, November-20-2007

Worst Sports Guy Ever

I've seen some pretty bad news presenters in my life, but this guy is by far the worst one ever. No, I really mean it, he's not able even to read from the damn prompter, not to mention actually making any sense.

Weird > Thursday, November-15-2007

Naughty girl, happy parents

This is one of the creepiest videos I've seen lately, but it does have a weird sense of humor, I give you that.

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Weird > Wednesday, November-14-2007

NFS Pro Street Romanian Version

They're fast (sort of), they're furious (not really), they're ready to race with their fast cars (not really), so get ready to be amazed! (actually, scratch that)

Weird > Thursday, November-08-2007

Black Sheep Horror Trailer

If you are from New Zealand, get ready to face your biggest nightmare. An experiment gone wrong created the ultimate weapon to wipe off human race ... yes ... it's the ... zombie sheep! Run for your lives!

Weird > Thursday, November-08-2007

Pimped Shopping Cart

You have a pimped out car, so what? Everyone has one of those these days. But this ... this is how real p.i.m.p.s stand out from the crowd: when they ride, they ride gold! Even if it's just a motherf***ing shopping cart. :wall:

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